Stop smoking in Ramadan

The NHS stop smoking service in the Bradford district is reporting great success in helping people to quit the habit during Ramadan.

It has teamed up with mosques to give people easy access to help and advice with quitting, as well as offering other health advice.

Ramadan rules: Don't eat! Don't drink! Don't smoke!

Ramadan rules: Don't eat! Don't drink! Don't smoke!

Visits to mosques have been part of the Ramadan campaign for the past ten years, but last year the local NHS started offering health checks as well as stop smoking advice.

The visits have proved a great success and increased referrals to the stop smoking service. Last year around the month of Ramadan, the quit rate for the south Asian community went up to 50 per cent.

Messages about the stop smoking support are given out by Imams after prayers in special Friday sermons and people can then speak to NHS advisers at the mosque about getting support from the stop smoking service or find out what other help is on offer.

They can also get advice about staying healthy, weight control, preventing and controlling diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Mohammed Idrees, of NHS Bradford and Airedale’s stop smoking team, said: “Ramadan is an ideal time for Muslims to reflect on their life, including their health, and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

“Over the years we have worked closely with local mosques to run information sessions after Friday prayers and this has led to some real success stories of people smoking cessation.

Muslims ritually fast and abstain from certain foods and liquids from dawn to sunset during Ramadan which this year ends on August 30.

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