Study Found Increased Use Menthol Cigarette Among Young People


In the USA there was made a new study on menthol cigarettes use. It found that the use of menthol cigarettes was increased among young adults. The researchers concluded that  efforts to reduce smoking failed because of advertising and sale of menthol cigarettes.

Lead researcher Gary Giovino, PhD, professor and chair of the University at Buffalo Department of Community Health and Health Behaviors says the results of the study suggest that young people are heavy consumers of menthol cigarettes. Besides this, total volum of menthol cigarettes use has remained constant or increased in all three age groups studied, but non-menthol smoking has reduced.

Gary Giovino studied the use of menthol and non-menthol cigarettes in the USA during 2004 — 2010. In the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health participated almost 390,000 people of 12 years old and older. The results were made according to the data obtained from 84,000 smokers.

The results of the study were published online in the international journal called Tobacco Control. There were made next important conclusions:

– Use of menthol was linked with being woman, young person and of non-white race or ethnicity.

– Among young people, there was observed a reduction of number of individuals who used non-menthol cigarettes, but at the same time menthol smoking rates increased.

– Among teenagers, the number of non-menthol cigarettes smokers reduced from 2004 – 2010, but at the same time menthol smoking rates remained the same.

– Among cigarette smokers, menthol cigarette consumption was more common among teens aged 12 — 17 (56.7%) and young people aged 18 – 25 (45%) than among older persons (range 30.5% to 32.9%).

– The use of menthol versions of Marlboro and Camel increased among teenagers and young adult smokers, especially among non-Hispanic whites.

The study provides an important view of the trends of menthol use among Americans and its results are very important.

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