Styles of Smoking

Smoking Types

There are several styles of tobacco smoking. We present you the most widespread and popular styles.

Cigarette Smoking

Tobacco and tobacco products such as cigarettes,cigarillos, cigars, pipes and smokeless tobacco are sold all around the world. Cigarette smoking is still a wide-spread smoking style in spite of appearance of many laws and rules on the use of tobacco products. There are still many debates and disagreements about cigarettes, but have been a part of the tobacco dialogue for as long as cigarettes themselves. It is not a secret that cigarette smoking has always been considered as a bad and unhealthy habit, but its presence in movies makes it appear more and more sexy and charming. Nowadays, as well as during World War II when soldier field rations included a pack of cigarettes, cigarette smoking became a part of everyday life however current smoking bans do not allow smoking in all public places. Of all the styles of tobacco smoking, cigarette smoking is estimated as the quickest smoking process. Cigars and pipes in contrast to cigarettes are smoked slower and longer. It’s less of a status symbol or hobby than cigarette smoking is viewed rather a hobby that a part of a smoker’s daily routine.

Cigar Smoking

Cigar smoking process is more complicated that cigarette smoking. It has its own culture. Clubs, A majority of stores and magazines sell this tobacco product. There are even bars that are dedicated especially for cigar smoking. Luxury clubs always have special rooms for cigar smoking. Earlier, it was considered that only older, well-educated men, who saw cigars as a sign of sophistication, can afford cigars. Now more and more movies and TV programs show smokers lighting up cigars with their friends or co-workers, and celebrities are often caught smoking cigars at an important event or party.

Pipe Smoking

Though pipe smoking has become not so popular over the years, it is still the oldest method of tobacco smoking. Contrary to cigarette smoking, which often is held in a hurry, pipe smoking is a slow process that is meant to be fully enjoyed. Cigarettes and cigars are used only a single time while a pipe is smoked over and again. In the context of construction, a pipe is little more than a bowl with a tube attached to it, but there are many varieties of design. A pipe can be either plain or extravagant. Pipes are very valued items and and passed down through families. Pipe smoking is held with care and deliberation and enables the smoker with a possibility to relax.

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