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Philadelphia proposes mandating antismoking ads at retail counters where tobacco is sold

One might think that smoking bans in city parks and that graphic cigarette-pack labels coming from Washington represent the extreme of government meddling. But with statistics showing that smoking remains the No. 1 cause of preventable deaths, the Philadelphia Board

A Smoking Ban Too Far

The smoking ban has already appeared in New York City. But it will not come into force till May 23. However, the rule is effective on benches and lampposts around town. The smoking ban was passed by the City Council

Early Anti-Smoking Drug Start Is Better, Study Says

In accordance with a preparatory research, financed by the Pfizer company, anti-smoking drug Chantix may help smokers to quit smoking. Approximately a third of smoking people who tried Chantix drug a month before stopping smoking were absolutely smoke-free three months

Smoking Ban on Penang Hill

The Consumers Association of Penang were glad to find out that the state government wants to turn Penang Hill into a nonsmoking area and that Hill will work with the Health Ministry to enact this law. The only matter is

26 States Have Complete Smoking Bans

In the past ten years 26 U.S. states have decreed smoke-free laws in public places including worksites, restaurants and bars. However, according to a government southern states have not yet adopted such laws. On Thursday the U.S. Centers for Disease

Macon smoking ban

Last week strict limitations on smoking were falsified at Macon City Council committee. They won’t be on Tuesday’s council agenda. Strange and disorderly reasoning in an Ordinances and Resolutions Committee meeting Monday, half-joking menace to combust “cow poop incense” on

Australian anti-smoking laws to be ‘toughest in world’

Australia has unveiled what it claims are the toughest anti-smoking measures anywhere in the world. They would completely ban logos and branding on packets of cigarettes – making Australia the first to do so. The packets would also be plain

Smoke-Free Laws Keep Children Healthy

A recent research of the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that smoke-free laws are keeping children healthy. A new research was published Monday in the foremost online variant of the journal Pediatrics. It found that kids, who live

Are Teen Smokers Encouraged by Movies?

Tobacco manufacturers do not have the right to market their products directly to the young people of America. Also the companies are prohibited from advertising on TV, radio or newspapers. The only means of advertising they can afford is in

Spain Adopts the Toughest Anti-Smoking Ban in Europe

Spanish smokers will be prohibited to light up in cafes, bars and restaurants, because the new legislation bans smoking in all enclosed public spaces. It will also be unlawful to smoke in kid’s playgrounds on schools and hospital territory, in