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Cigarettes in Australia to Cost $40 Per Pack by 2020


The Ballarat and Grampians in Australia will be affected more than other regions by the initiative to raise the price of cigarettes up to $40 per pack by 2020. In case the change will come into action, smokers will be

Australia: Smoking to be Banned in Center of Sydney

Martin Place, Sydney

City Council is going to vote an ordinance which would make Martin Place smoke-free area for a trial period of one year. The change is planned to come into action from the beginning of 2015. The proposal was discussed last

Impacts of Tobacco Display Ban in Australia


Data from new research made in Australia shows that smoking rates decreased in the country in the past several years. It is supposed that main reason for this decline isĀ  ban of cigarettes display in shops. The research was sponsored

Australia Cigarettes Market Dropped by 3% in 2012


In Australia cigarette volume sales have dropped by 3% in 2012 to 19 billion sticks. This drop in volume is the result of huge impact of the anti-smoking lobby in Australia, high prices on cigarettes and smoker’s turns to Roll-Your-Own

Australia: Tobacco Sales Increased Despite Plain Packaging


New data released last week showed that in 2013 deliveries of tobacco to retailers in Australia have increased for the first time in at least 5 years, even after the introduction of plain cigarettes packaging. In December 2012 Australia became

Packs With Anti-Smoking Warnings Make Cigarettes Taste Bad

cigarette packs with warnings

Latest study reveals data on how cigarettes packs with warnings affect smokers. Thus some smokers who see the health warnings on cigarette packages do not find them as tasty as before the warnings were placed on the package. Why is