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British American Tobacco Reports Lower Profit


British American Tobacco, the manufacturer of Lucky Strike cigarettes, reported during six months from January to June lower revenue and profit. The main causes of this are slight decline in volume and strong British pound. British American Tobacco ranks number

Cigarette companies use cigarette smuggling to their advantage in Bulgaria

Filtered Cigarettes

The scientists from the University’s Tobacco Control Group present facts of cigarette company participation in cigarette smuggling to and through Bulgaria from 1975 onwards. The group found internal tobacco industry papers which unveiled how cigarette companies definitely took part in

BAT-sucked in alleged industrial espionage

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British American Tobacco, which has been drawn in the case of supposed industrial espionage Zimbabwe is analyzing, was once dragged to court in South Africa on identical offences, it has appeared. Zimbabwe is analyzing economic espionage relating an approximated R100

Tobacco firm may have breached packaging laws


British American Tobacco Australia is being looked over probable breaches of the Federal Government’s new plain packaging regulations. From October it started to be illegal to produce cigarettes for Australia in breach of the new regulations, but six brands are

BAT and Imperial Tobacco Slide on Proposed Russian Tax Boost

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British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco Group dropped the most in around a month in London trading after a declaration that health regulators in Russia, the second-largest tobacco market, suggested increasing cigarette taxes almost eightfold. BAT, the producer of Dunhill

Real cost of plain tobacco packs to independent retailers is revealed

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The recent study of Rural Shops Alliance (RSA) demonstrates the implementation of plain cigarette packaging could cost owners of shops “tens of millions of pounds” per year, informed Independent Retail News. The results were revealed when the UK government’s public

Smoking rates still too high

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The rates of smoking in rural areas in Australia are still “extremely high”, but the Rural Doctors Association of Australia supposes that new plain packaging legislation were “more than just smoke and mirrors”. Last t week a Commonwealth won the

Tobacco ‘black market’ warning over plain packaging

British American Tobacco Building

British American Tobacco, New Zealand’s biggest tobacco supplier, declares that cigarette plain packaging could exploit a cigarette trade in a black market. New Zealand’s tobacco giant has started a multi-media program that was directed against the plan of the Government

Tobacco law brings changes

Tobacco Display

As from July 23 the price of cigarettes is increased in some shops as a new law prohibiting the display of tobacco goes into effect. The Pannell Discounter in Wainoni is raising the cost of a cigarette packet by about

South Africa looks to toughen anti-smoking laws

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Health authorities intend to tighten South Africa’s anti-smoking laws. They propose a total ban on indoor smoking and even making smoking in open areas such as beaches illegal. The anti-smoking law will touch upon stadiums, zoos, parks and gardens. As