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Clove cigarettes target young smokers

Due to their exotic aroma, clove-flavoured cigarettes have lured young people into smoking, according to Dr Hathai Chitanon, president to the Thailand Health Promotion Institute. “A clove cigarette releases eugenol, an essential oil obtained from cloves. Inhaling it causes an

Most Expensive Cigarettes

Luxury tobacco products are not anything new. When trying to come up with a list of expensive cigarettes, Dunhill, or Treasurer may come to mind. But Lucky Strike brought a whole meaning to an expensive pack of cigarettes by introducing

‘Hangover II’ Monkey’s Not Hooked On Cigs

WASHINGTON (CNN) — An agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has been charged with a variety of crimes he allegedly committed while on the job, including selling cigarettes that were part of undercover tobacco investigations, according

Reynolds’ volumes down but share holds up

R.J. Reynolds’ domestic-market cigarette volume of 17.2 billion was down by 5.2 % during the first quarter of 2011. Total growth brand volume reached 7.7 % to 9.8 billion, resulting from a 16.0 % increase to 5.1 billion in sales

Chesterfield Cigarettes

Chesterfield is a cigarette brand manufactured by Philip Morris International since 1873. These cigarettes are named for the Chesterfield County in the state of Virginia. “Chester” was produced since 1873 by Drummond Tobacco. After 1898 the company was acquired by

How “advertisement magician” Leo Burnett has made “sex-change operation” to Marlboro Brand

For the first time, the Marlboro brand appeared in 1924 and positioned itself as the first lady’s cigarettes. During these years, the fact of the sale of cigarettes to women was a cultural shock, just as whether cigarettes were made