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BATA wants to see packaging legal advice

A major tobacco company will ask the High Court to force the federal government to release its legal advice on plain packaging. British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) is also preparing to launch a High Court challenge as soon as the

Philip Morris Could Get Smoked if Aussies Pass Ban on Branded Packaging

With Australia proceeding with its Plain Packaging Bill for tobacco products, Philip Morris International has much to worry about if it becomes a law as this likely hurt its market share in Australia as well as set a dangerous precedent

Big Tobacco Threatens to Slash Prices in Australia

Tuesday the tobacco companies threatened to reduce the cigarettes’ price if Australia intends to launch plain packaging with the warning that people will die of smoking. On April 2011, Australia decided to release cigarettes in drab olive-green packets plastered with

Production of New Cigarette Packs with Awesome Inscriptions Starts from June, 26

“New requirements of technical regulations take effect from Saturday, June 26. Now cigarette packs will contain awesome inscriptions on the dangers of smoking”, reports the media office of Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. From

The Updated Line of «ESSE» Cigarettes

The value of “ESSE” brand can not be overestimated for the development of Russian market of thin cigarettes. Appearing in Russia in 2003, these cigarettes are just blew “sleeping” segment of Slims / Superslims, opening a new opportunity for fans

How “advertisement magician” Leo Burnett has made “sex-change operation” to Marlboro Brand

For the first time, the Marlboro brand appeared in 1924 and positioned itself as the first lady’s cigarettes. During these years, the fact of the sale of cigarettes to women was a cultural shock, just as whether cigarettes were made

Cigarettes destroy genes

As everybody knows, tobacco and nicotine affect everyone in different ways. Someone can smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and at the same time if it is necessary to quit quietly, but someone, on the contrary, becomes a heavy

Smoke alarm on cigarette plans

AN Australian retail group has announced they believe the federal government’s plain packaging of tobacco policy could increase the amount of illegally sold tobacco in counterfeit packaging. “The AAR believes that the introduction of plain packaging will make counterfeit cigarette

Ominous Messages on Cigarette Packs May be Counterproductive

In June, President Obama signed a law requiring tobacco companies to post large, graphic warnings on cigarette packs. Current cautionary statements such as “Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema” and “Smoking is dangerous to your health” will gradually be