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New Law Will Raise Cost of Cigarettes in Minnesota


From July 1 in Minnesota, a new law will come into action making per-pack tax on cigarettes raise by $1.60. This tax increase will increase the average price of a pack of cigarettes from about $6 to $7.50 per pack.

Budget 2013: Cigarette prices to rise from 2014

Cigarettes Quality Picture

The price of a pack of cigarettes will increase by around seven cents starting from 2014. The hike will mean the Government encounter a possible re-election fight with cigarette manufacturers and retailers, who are still suffer because of standardized cigarettes

High increase in cigarette prices will discourage youth smokers

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The National Youth Commission (NYC) called on lawmakers to guarantee that the Sin Tax Law that will be approved by Congress will considerably raise prices of cigarettes to discourage the younger generation from using tobacco. The National Youth Commission Commissioner

Tobacco ‘black market’ warning over plain packaging

British American Tobacco Building

British American Tobacco, New Zealand’s biggest tobacco supplier, declares that cigarette plain packaging could exploit a cigarette trade in a black market. New Zealand’s tobacco giant has started a multi-media program that was directed against the plan of the Government

Cigarette prices set to soar after new Gulf tax

Smokers should brace themselves for a fresh rise in the price of cigarettes when a new tax approved by the UAE and other Gulf oil producers is enforced at the end of 2012, an official was reported on Monday as

Cigarette prices increase by up to 44 percent

Recent tax hikes introduced by the Turkish government last week prompted a major Turkish-US consortium cigarette producer to increase cigarette prices by between 28 and 44 percent. Philsa Philip Morris, a consortium of US cigarette producing giant Philip Morris and

40% still off cigarettes year after tobacco tax hike

Nearly 40 percent of people who gave up smoking in response to cigarette price hikes a year ago are still nonsmokers, a survey by drugmaker Pfizer Japan Inc. showed Tuesday. One out of every three smokers quit shortly before or