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Many Smokers Light Up with Kids in Car

Smoking Near Kids

Only one-quarter of smoking parents follow a strict tobacco-free car policy, and almost half who don’t impose such a ban smoke while driving with their kids, a new study shows. Meeting with almost 800 smoking parents, analysts also identified that

Resist Picking Up Another Cigarette

You’ve managed to stay off smokes for a day, a week, month or even a year. Well done! You weren’t sure you were going to make it but here you are – smoke free! It’s going favorably and you feel

Smoking is just like mouth fresheners for us: Koratpur tribals

Koratpur (Orissa), May 31 : The world celebrated Anti-Tobacco Day on Tuesday, but for tribal folk in Orissa’s Koratpur District, it made no difference, as they continue to smoke ‘Pika’ a locally made cigarette, unaware and ignorant of the hazardous

Will I miss the cigarettes and smoking?

The answer is NO and YES. If you achieve to stop smoking with the right frame of mind, you will feel free and you will not ever feel the need for a cigarette because you will have learned that the

26 States Have Complete Smoking Bans

In the past ten years 26 U.S. states have decreed smoke-free laws in public places including worksites, restaurants and bars. However, according to a government southern states have not yet adopted such laws. On Thursday the U.S. Centers for Disease

Lindsay Lohan asked to quit smoking

Troubled American actress Lindsay Lohan, famous for her appearance as a child in Disney’s ‘The Parent Trap’ has been asked to stop smoking by her estranged father. Lindsay is currently trying to overcome her addiction to drugs by staying at

Macon smoking ban

Last week strict limitations on smoking were falsified at Macon City Council committee. They won’t be on Tuesday’s council agenda. Strange and disorderly reasoning in an Ordinances and Resolutions Committee meeting Monday, half-joking menace to combust “cow poop incense” on

Cigarettes destroy genes

As everybody knows, tobacco and nicotine affect everyone in different ways. Someone can smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and at the same time if it is necessary to quit quietly, but someone, on the contrary, becomes a heavy

Smoke alarm on cigarette plans

AN Australian retail group has announced they believe the federal government’s plain packaging of tobacco policy could increase the amount of illegally sold tobacco in counterfeit packaging. “The AAR believes that the introduction of plain packaging will make counterfeit cigarette

Business has SouthGate Mall smoking with new opportunity

In a time when it has become unpopular to smoke cigarettes in public places a young, local, entrepreneur has found a way to not only provide a place where smoking is acceptable but coffee and tea are the main items