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Cigarettes in Australia to Cost $40 Per Pack by 2020


The Ballarat and Grampians in Australia will be affected more than other regions by the initiative to raise the price of cigarettes up to $40 per pack by 2020. In case the change will come into action, smokers will be

Price Increase Affects Smokers in South Korea


The parlament in South Korea in autumn 2014 decided to increase retail cigarettes prices to 4,500 won ($4.07), up from 2,500 won. The new prices are in effect from January 1, 2015 and smokers already observed the impact of it.

Higher Prices on Cigarettes Mean Less Smoking


A recent research made by UC San Diego School of Medicine shows that cigarettes price increase and promoting smoke-free homes are most effective strategies to reduce tobacco use nationwide. The researchers examined data on smoking habits of 150,967 Americans ageed