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China is Largest Cigarettes Consumer in the World

Chinese Smoker

Euromonitor International, the Global market research company, released this week its latest report on the tobacco industry worldwide. Tobacco industry is world’s most valuable rapidly moving consumer goods industry. Totalling globally US$800 billion the tobacco industry faced in 2013 volume

Cigarettes and Coffee May Protect Against Liver Disease

Coffee and Cigarettes

A new study conducted in Norway showed that use of both cigarettes and coffee are shown to potentially protect against primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) that is a chronic liver disease caused by chronic inflammation of the bile ducts. The findings

Cigarette Sales in Minnesota Dropped Due to Tax Increase


In Minnesota $1.60 per pack tax increase which came into action at July 1 resulted in cigarette sales drop. Minnesota Department of Revenue figures demonstrate that cigarette stamp sales dropped more than 35% this July in comparison with July 2012.

FDA Preoccupied With Menthol Cigarettes

menthol cigarettes

This week the FDA presented a report about the effects of menthol cigarettes and it says that menthol cigarettes do present a greater public health risk than other cigarettes. However, the FDA makes no statements about what to do with

New Law Will Raise Cost of Cigarettes in Minnesota


From July 1 in Minnesota, a new law will come into action making per-pack tax on cigarettes raise by $1.60. This tax increase will increase the average price of a pack of cigarettes from about $6 to $7.50 per pack.

Budget 2013: Cigarette prices to rise from 2014

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The price of a pack of cigarettes will increase by around seven cents starting from 2014. The hike will mean the Government encounter a possible re-election fight with cigarette manufacturers and retailers, who are still suffer because of standardized cigarettes

$2-Per-Pack Cigarette Tax Clears First of Legislative Hurdles

Marlboro Lights Cigarettes

California lawmakers decided not to make smoking people pay more for health insurance, but they may be more ready to make smokers pay more for cigarettes. A new bill proposing to increase the tax on cigarettes by $2 per pack

Fines for smoking on Russian airlines may increase to $1,600

No Smoking Airplane

Fines for smoking on airplanes may increase to 50,000 rubles ($1,625) The sponsors of the bill suggest changing the Administrative Offenses Code and launching higher fines, a State Duma said. Smoking on suburban trains and long-distance trains, as well as

Smokers in LA could soon pay more for cigarettes

Tender Smoking

Soon smokers across Louisiana could pay more for smoking, as lawmakers will examine a strategy to increase cigarette taxes by $1.05 per pack. According to the last data, smokers were surprised by the issue. Tim Benedict claimed he gets the

Japanese government plans sale of Japan Tobacco

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On the two-year anniversary of Japan’s damaging earthquake and tsunami, the government announced that on March, 11 it will sell a part of its share in Japan Tobacco Inc. for ¥747 billion ($7.8 billion). The Japanese government said that it