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25% of Young People in Canada Use Hookah

Woman Using Hookah

Researchers from Canada found in their latest study that in the country that smoking rates among youth are declining, but the number of young people who use water pipe and hookah is growing. The study was made by researchers from

Turkey to Regulate Use of Hookah

Hookah Smoking

The authorities in Turkey want to adopt more severe laws on the use of hookah, which is called “nargile” in the country. According to Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the Health Minister, hookah has the same effects on body as tobacco products do.

Manteca City to Allow Hookah Lounges


Manteca city in California led the drive in the state in 70s to ban the sale of cigarettes from vending machines available to kids wants to make hookah lounges legal. This week the Manteca Planning Commission will make its decision

Rapid City council tables hookah regulations

Hookah Bar

The Rapid City council examined on December 3 a proposed hookah ordinance that would enforce tight regulations on Rapid City’s two hookah lounges. Aldermen made no responses on the ordinance. Ward 4 Alderwoman Amanda Scott made the action to table

Cigarette Consumption Drops As Teenagers Getting Hookah-ed on Smoking

Hookah Smoking Teenager

The review by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration demonstrated that in the course of that time, teenager cigarette consumption across the country dropped from 12.6% to 8.7%, although rates in individual states were various. Wyoming had the

Should hookah bars remain open despite Washington’s indoor smoking ban?

Hookah Lounge

Washington introduced a ban on smoking in indoor public places about 7 years ago, but one exception remains: hookah lounges. Local health departments have made great efforts to close them. The lounges say that they are private clubs and should

Hookahs Safer Than Cigarettes?


Lots of people who quit cigarettes to escape the dangers of nicotine are turning to hookah smoking, wrongly assuming that toking on “hookahs” is safer, new research indicates. Researchers used questionnaires and collected information on 871 Canadians aged 18 to

Utah gives hookah the hook

Starting in mid-September, Utah bars and clubs cannot allow patrons to smoke most hookah products indoors. “The purpose of the clarification is to protect people from exposure to second hand smoke. Even minimal amounts of exposure is considered harmful,” said

Hookah smoking comes with health risks

Kitchener Yara Yanes knows it is bad for her health, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing a hookah pipe with friends. “It is fun. It is a social thing,” said the 20-year-old university student who works as a waitress

Hookahs are less dangerous than cigarettes

Mocha caf on Wednesday told the Bombay High Court that hookahs are far less dangerous than cigarettes as they contain less quantity of nicotine and are not easily available. A division bench of Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice Girish