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Hooked on to Hookah

Gently, the gurgling sound of the hookah ebbs. From amid a cloud of smoke that follows, then clears, Parveena Jehan`s face emerges. She`s better known as `Jani apa` (older sister) in her old-Lucknow circuits, and she`s just settling down to

Hookah Smoking Is on the Rise

A new research conducted by the University of Florida demonstrated that owners of hookah bars and cafes had carbon monoxide levels higher than patrons of traditional bars. Carbon monoxide decreases the blood’s ability to transport oxygen to tissues, and long-term

Doctors Warn of Dangers of Hookah Smoking

The number of young people smoking cigarettes is down, but increasing numbers of young people are smoking from hookahs, water pipes used to smoke flavored tobacco. Many think the hookahs are a safer alternative to cigarettes, but smoking from a

Hookah Use Common Among College Students, Survey Finds

FRIDAY, April 8 (HealthDay News) — Nearly one-fifth of U.S. college students who took part in a survey regularly use hookahs (water pipes), and many of them mistakenly believe that hookah smoking is safer than cigarette smoking. The Internet-based survey

Shisha as Dangerous as Cigarettes

It may be a cool pastime for many young people, but the shisha that burns sweet scented tobacco is as dangerous for your health as smoking cigarettes. People who regularly smoke hookah (shisha) can suffer from harmful levels of carbon