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Albany Considering Smoking Ban in Hotel Rooms


Albany, the capital city of New York state, is considering a statewide smoking ban in hotel rooms. The bill was introduced last month by Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski and it is expanding the existing Clean Indoor Air Act so that it

New York Reports Record Low Smoking Rate

Smoking Young Girl

Governor Andrew Cuomo told at the beginning of the week that smoking rates in New York among young people and adults show a record decline. In the past four years, smoking rate among students in high school was reduced by

New York: Benefits of Smoking Age Increase


Starting from 2015, young smokers in New York will not be able to buy a pack of cigarettes at local convenience stores until they turn 21. The Suffolk County Legislature has voted to increase the minimum age to buy tobacco

New York Expands Smoking Ban to Outside Hospitals


The New York city extended the smoking policy and now it includes a new law which prohibits smoking on the grounds of nursing homes and hospitals.  Many hospitals already do have smoke-free zones outside buildings, but new law bans smoking