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Philip Morris in the EU


This week Philip Morris will present is report on 2014 first quarter earnings. How the company’s matters stand in the EU? Last years Philip Morris operations in European Union were under pressure because of difficult regulatory environment for tobacco products

Philip Morris launches e-cigarettes

MarkTen e-cig brand

According to the latest news posted in The Wall Street Journal, Philip Morris USA will release an electronic cigarette under the MarkTen brand in Indiana within two months. MarkTen is a non reusable electric cigarette. However, but it can be

Plain packaging valid because brand names not acquired by government

Lighted Up Cigarette

Australia’s regulation demanding that cigarettes be marketed in ‘plain packaging’ is constitutionally valid since it does not obtain property, the High Court has defined. As outlined by an Australian Associated Press story, the court on October 5 released its motives

Philip Morris International

Philip Morris Inc

Philip Morris International is a worldwide known cigarette producer. The tobacco company has one of the greatest shares of tobacco manufacturing in the world. Philip Morris, the founder of the tobacco company, formed his company in 1847. The first tobacco

Cigarette price discount ban in the works

Few Cigarettes

Malaysia is intending to accept a new rule that will ban price discounts on tobacco products, namely on cigarettes, in order to reduce smoking rates, Philip Morris (Malaysia) corporate affairs director Richard James reported. Today cigarette makers are permitted to

Smoking rates still too high

Smoking Man

The rates of smoking in rural areas in Australia are still “extremely high”, but the Rural Doctors Association of Australia supposes that new plain packaging legislation were “more than just smoke and mirrors”. Last t week a Commonwealth won the

Lorillard Ranks the Highest in Terms of Sales per Share in the Tobacco Industry (LO, AOI, PM)

Below are the three companies in the Tobacco industry with the highest sales per share. Sales per share is a valuable metric in comparing relative value for companies in the same industry. Lorillard is highest with sales per share of

Philip Morris Could Get Smoked if Aussies Pass Ban on Branded Packaging

With Australia proceeding with its Plain Packaging Bill for tobacco products, Philip Morris International has much to worry about if it becomes a law as this likely hurt its market share in Australia as well as set a dangerous precedent