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Fewer Smokers Joined Stoptober 2015

Stoptober 2015

In England has ended Stoptober, greatest quit smoking initiative in the country, and now they do examine the results of it. Thus data shows that this year nearly 215,000 smokers joined Stoptober, which encourages people to not smoke for 28

Low-Nicotine Cigarettes Do Not Help to Quit


New study found that cigarettes with low nicotine are of less help when it comes to cessation. It was published in the journal Addiction, on July 22. The author of the study is Dr. Neal Benowitz, a professor in the

Smokers are More Worried About Effect of Smoking on Their Looks


A research made recently found that people who smoke do worry more about the effects smoking has on their appearence than on their health.  It was found that, despite the negative effects of smoking on health, a large percentage of

Tobacco Coalition Moves Ahead with Quitting Smoking

Quit Smoking

Delaware County has most severe tobacco-free policy in the state, but representatives of the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Delaware County are not ready to lie on their oars as they have a lot of work to do. Jacey Foley, the new

Most Smokers Have Tried To Quit Smoking Several Times In Their Lives

Lindsay Lohan smoking

A new survey reveals that most smokers tried to quit at least once in their life. Researchers from Gallup found that just 12% of smokers have never tried to quit smoking cigarettes. In the meantime, 40% have tired to quit

Quitting smoking unaided methods established

Stop Smoking Methods

University of Sydney experts questioned people who have quitted smoking ‘cold turkey’ as piece of a main study researching the most effective stop smoking methods. Research head, Professor Simon Chapman from the School of Public Health, said the qualitative, interview-based

Missouri to introduce 429 percent increase on cigarette taxes

Cigarette Smoking

A lot of school districts in Missouri are calling for more taxes. Nixa School District Superintendent Stephen Kleinsmith said that it will be good for children’s health. The question is about Proposition B – the Missouri ballot initiative. If it

Obama scolds tobacco firms for fighting new labels

President Barack Obama — pronounced tobacco-free in his latest medical checkup — has tough words for cigarette makers. Some tobacco companies, he says in a new White House web video, are fighting new cigarette warning labels because “they don’t want

Great American Smoke Out Day Encourages Smokers to Quit

On November 17, students across America will celebrate the Great American Smoke Out Day. The first smoke out day was in 1977, and the event challenged people to give up smoking tobacco products for 24 hours. The goal is that

Doctor Confirms US President Has Quit Smoking

It’s official. President Obama has stopped smoking. Or as his doctor reports Monday, he is “tobacco free.” This is the first official confirmation of what the president’s spokesmen have been saying for much of the past year and what the