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Smokers get chance to beat the habit with 12p tablets

Fed up of using nicotine gum, patches or lozenges, or relying on walks, food treats or sheer willpower to beat your cigarette addiction? Pills bought online costing 12p each may just be your salvation. The tablets in question, called Tabex,

Stop smoking in Ramadan

The NHS stop smoking service in the Bradford district is reporting great success in helping people to quit the habit during Ramadan. It has teamed up with mosques to give people easy access to help and advice with quitting, as

Smoking cessation drugs approved for provincial coverage

Beginning Aug. 4, the Ontario government will fund the smoking cessation drugs Champix and Zyban, the Star has learned. Adding the two drugs to the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan — the list of medications covered by the province — could

The Great American Celebrities Who Quit Smoking

This nonprofit organization urges smokers in America to quit the habit for 24 hours each November. A state chapter held the first smokeout and reportedly got 1 million people to quit for the day. Check out the celebrities who have

Raising taxes on cigarettes does not motivate all smokers to quit the deadly habit

Raising taxes on cigarettes, a public health measure used by governments to encourage people to quit, doesn’t motivate all smokers to stop the deadly habit. A study on the long-term impact of taxing cigarettes, led by two Concordia University economists

Can mobile apps help you quit smoking?

Whether you want to quit smoking or lose weight, there are now smart phone applications that claim to help you along the path to better health. But do they actually work? Early studies suggest that almost all quit smoking apps