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What Smokers Prefer?

About 64% of people who smoke cigarettes and use another tobacco product like country music; 62% like rock and roll. Denise Indovina, vice president at ICOM, a division of Dallas-based Epsilon Targeting, shared the unusual statistics during a session at

61% of Jordanian families have at least one smoker

AMMAN – Approximately 61 per cent of Jordanian families have one member who smokes one type of tobacco, including cigarettes, pipe, cigar and argileh, a study conducted by the Department of Statistics (DoS) found. The study results, released on Sunday,

Cigarettes destroy genes

As everybody knows, tobacco and nicotine affect everyone in different ways. Someone can smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and at the same time if it is necessary to quit quietly, but someone, on the contrary, becomes a heavy

Cigarette smoke is the main cause of asthma attacks in children

Number of children with asthma has increased threefold over the past few decades. The impact of cigarette smoke remains the main cause of asthma attacks in children. Doctors from “Mott Children’s Hospital” (USA) found that cigarette smoke causes attacks of

Do Sport Without Smoking or Using Smokeless Products!

Unfortunately the baseball players can’t accept the smoking ban because they can’t say No to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. Most of baseball players sustain the Tobacco Industry. For example they have supplied a lot of advertisings for free especially

A New Climb among Adult Smokers

This year was a favorable one for tobacco products. As health officials declared that cigarette smoking rose slightly for the first time in almost 15 years. According to 2008 survey, was found that 21 percent of U.S. adults smoked. But

Older Cigarettes still in stock

As it is known the number of fires started by cigarettes has increased very much in recent years. That’s why officials decided to introduce new legislations which will decreased the fires caused by smoking products. For example cigarettes without the

San Francisco smokers to pay more for their smokes since October

Starting from October 1, 2009,  San Francisco smokers received a new reason to get rid of their pernicious habit, because the average price per pack went up by 20 cents. The generated money from the fee named as the City