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Teen Girls Who Smoke are at Higher Risk for Heart Disease


A new research by The University of Western Australia found that teen girls who smoke cigarettes or take oral contraceptives are at higher risks for heart disease than teen boys who smoke. The results of the research were published in

In the USA Less People See Smoking as a Major Health Problem


Fifty years ago, in 1964, the U.S. Surgeon General released the report describing in details the effects of tobacco use on health. Since then, in the USA the number of smokers dropped significantly. Knowing about the negative effects of smoking,

Most Smokers Have Tried To Quit Smoking Several Times In Their Lives

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A new survey reveals that most smokers tried to quit at least once in their life. Researchers from Gallup found that just 12% of smokers have never tried to quit smoking cigarettes. In the meantime, 40% have tired to quit

Are Smokers More Risky?


Smokers smoke cigarettes on a regular basis and it does not mean they are fully addicted to nicotine. Most of smokers are capable to quit but they do not do it. Why? It does not mean they are uninformed about

Cigarette packs start alerting people against smoking

Marlboro Menthol

Cigarette packets presently in supply in Oman have begun to have the warnings of potential risks of smoking together with a convincing picture targeting to encourage smoking people to quit smoking. This comes after a recent Omani Health Ministry guideline

Hookah: Facts you need to be aware of

Shisha Smoking

Hookahs, as well known as water pipes or shisha, become more and more popular among young people in the United States. However, many reports state that shisha smoking is a safe alternative to regular cigarette smoking. In accordance with the

High taxes deter some youths from smoking

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Fewer American teenagers and young adults are lighting up as cigarette taxes that have broken the $3-a-pack threshold in some states make smoking too costly, according to the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Daily smoking, the leading

“Smoke-in” fights tobacco ban on Gulfport Beach

Cigar Smoking

On Saturday, a group of cigar smokers staged a “smoke-in” on Gulfport Beach to peacefully protest what they see as an unconstitutional smoking ban. The ordinance, passed by Gulfport City Council last November in an effort to curb littering problems, bans smoking on

Less Addictive Cigarettes Preferred By Smokers

Results from an International Tobacco Control (ITC) United States Supplemental Survey, published recently in the journal BMC Public Health , reveal that smokers strongly favor decreasing the addictiveness of cigarettes. Lead investigator Andrew Hyland, PhD, Chair of the Department of

China has 300 million smokers, mostly youth

China has over 300 million smokers, the highest in the world, with the rate of teenage smokers increasing each year, a top official said. As the world’s largest tobacco-producing and consuming country, China has 300 million smokers and 740 million