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Fremont City Considering Smoking Ban in Multi-Unit Residences


Suzanne Chan is a Council member in Fremont City located in the US state of California. She proposed to restrict tobacco use in multi-unit residences which have not been built yet. Suzanne said that restricting smoking inside apartments and common

Albany Considering Smoking Ban in Hotel Rooms


Albany, the capital city of New York state, is considering a statewide smoking ban in hotel rooms. The bill was introduced last month by Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski and it is expanding the existing Clean Indoor Air Act so that it

Smoking Ban not Enforced Yet in Malaysia

Smoking in Bar

The Health Ministry of Malaysia told last week that smoking ban at all dining establishments in the entire country, including outdoor spaces withot air-conditioning, will be not implemented in the nearest future because curently this is nothing but a suggestion.

Italy Shows Good Results in Smoking Ban Enforcement


The Brussels-based Smoke Free Partnership (SFP) presented a report which described results of anti-smoking efforts in Italy as Good while German results as Limited. The talk is about smoking ban in bars, restaurants, public transport and offices. Ten years ago,

New Orleans is Going Smoke-Free

Smoking Man

Smoking in casions and bars will no longer be allowed in New Orleans, the city where drinking alcohol and hassel on streets are a normal thing. Starting from April 21 in the city is in effect a new legislation which

Parks to Become Smoke-Free in New Heaven, CT


Soon smokers in New Heaven, Connecticut, will not be allowed to light up their cigarette in Edgewood or East Shore Park and will have to move to other places to have their smoke break. Why? Because city’s Board of Alders

Step Forward Towards a Smoke-Free Oceanside

Smoking Woman in Bar

Last week, on February 18, the city of Oceanside in California provided its city attorney with the instructions to draft a smoking ban on outdoor dining areas. With the move the city would join a number of other cities in

Horn Lake Residents Want a Smoking Ban

Smoking Model

If you are planning to visit DeSoto County in Mississippi in the nearest duture, you should be aware that in some restaurants smoking is allowed while in others not. Horn Lake city is considered the last big city in the

Smoking Ban in Gadsden Effective on February 1


Yesterday City Council in Gadsden, Alabama, announced that the city’s Smoke Free Air ordinance comes into action on Fabruary 1, 2015. Intially the Council established January 1, 2015, as the day when the ordinance goes into effect. However, at the

Victorville, CA, May Expand Smoking Ban

Smoking Man

Victorville, California, wants to make its parks and parking lots totally free of smoke because city local officials plan to promote healthy lifestyle in the city. This week the City Council will consider prohibiting use of tobacco and e-cigarettes at