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Quitting smoking unaided methods established

Stop Smoking Methods

University of Sydney experts questioned people who have quitted smoking ‘cold turkey’ as piece of a main study researching the most effective stop smoking methods. Research head, Professor Simon Chapman from the School of Public Health, said the qualitative, interview-based

Poll suggests voters likely to raise Missouri cigarette taxes

Some Cigs

In 2002 and 2006 Missouri voters denied cigarette tax increases, but this year’s campaign to hike the tax is ahead by essential revenue, in accordance with a review done for The Star. The system to increase Missouri’s lowest-in-the-nation tobacco tax

Doctor Confirms US President Has Quit Smoking

It’s official. President Obama has stopped smoking. Or as his doctor reports Monday, he is “tobacco free.” This is the first official confirmation of what the president’s spokesmen have been saying for much of the past year and what the

Don’t even think about lighting up, says Loveland school board

LOVELAND – The Loveland City Schools long has prohibited students and staff from lighting up in schools or in school vehicles such as buses. Now, the prohibition has been extended to visitors such as parents, who will be warned the

‘Degrassi’ star’s photo-posting project on social media aims to help smokers quit

TORONTO – Former “Degrassi” star Rebecca Haines-Saah was used to being in front of the cameras, but now she’s taking a turn behind them in a way — trying to figure out why some young adults smoke and how researchers

Stop smoking in Ramadan

The NHS stop smoking service in the Bradford district is reporting great success in helping people to quit the habit during Ramadan. It has teamed up with mosques to give people easy access to help and advice with quitting, as

Why It’s ‘OK’ to Leave the Party for a Quick Smoke

The journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence reported on a survey of the smoking habits among college freshman at a large Midwestern university. Smoking was “stigmatized” on an everyday level, the researchers found. But things were quite different indeed at parties,

Menthol cigarettes linked with decreased quitting in the U.S.

New research from investigators at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) and UMDNJ-School of Public Health finds that menthol cigarettes are associated with decreased quitting in the United States, and that this effect is more pronounced for blacks and

Smoking cessation drugs approved for provincial coverage

Beginning Aug. 4, the Ontario government will fund the smoking cessation drugs Champix and Zyban, the Star has learned. Adding the two drugs to the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan — the list of medications covered by the province — could

Ex-Smokers Have Greater Willpower

Study results published in NeuroImage comparing the brain activity of former smokers to current smokers reveals differences that might offer insight into how to make a success of smoking cessation. Using functional MRI imaging, researchers from Trinity College and the