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Don’t even think about lighting up, says Loveland school board

LOVELAND – The Loveland City Schools long has prohibited students and staff from lighting up in schools or in school vehicles such as buses. Now, the prohibition has been extended to visitors such as parents, who will be warned the

‘Degrassi’ star’s photo-posting project on social media aims to help smokers quit

TORONTO – Former “Degrassi” star Rebecca Haines-Saah was used to being in front of the cameras, but now she’s taking a turn behind them in a way — trying to figure out why some young adults smoke and how researchers

Stop smoking in Ramadan

The NHS stop smoking service in the Bradford district is reporting great success in helping people to quit the habit during Ramadan. It has teamed up with mosques to give people easy access to help and advice with quitting, as

Why It’s ‘OK’ to Leave the Party for a Quick Smoke

The journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence reported on a survey of the smoking habits among college freshman at a large Midwestern university. Smoking was “stigmatized” on an everyday level, the researchers found. But things were quite different indeed at parties,

Things to Do and Not to Do During Your Quitting Smoking Period

Don’t Drink Alcohol I am an occasional drinker and one of the reasons I have continuously failed quitting smoking before is because of alcohol. It was when I studied for the CPA exams that I was able to quit successfully

The Great American Celebrities Who Quit Smoking

This nonprofit organization urges smokers in America to quit the habit for 24 hours each November. A state chapter held the first smokeout and reportedly got 1 million people to quit for the day. Check out the celebrities who have

Different Genes Influence Smoking Risk During Adolescence and Adulthood

The risk factors for developing addiction in adolescence are the most intensively studied because this life phase is associated with the highest addiction risk. Traits linked to addiction risk during adolescence include pleasure-seeking, behavioral disinhibition, and devaluation of the future

British authorities oblige tobacco companies to change to black-and-white cigarette packs

The Health Minister of Great Britain, Andy Burnham, unveiled a ten-year plan for tobacco control. The UK government intends to oblige tobacco companies to remove brand logos from the packaging of cigarettes in order to leave only black-and-white packs with

Don’t Quit Smoking – Become a Non-Smoker

This is a comment submitted by John to one of our articles entitled What Happens When You Quit Smoking for Good. We published it into a post instead to motivate other soon to be non-smokers reach their goal. I was

Study Finds Strong Smoking-Asthma Link

THURSDAY, April 7 (HealthDay News) — The link between smoking and asthma may be even stronger than previously suspected, a new study finds. Researchers analyzed data from a large, epidemiological survey of American adults (the National Comorbidity Survey-Replication) and found