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Denmark: Smoking Rates Among Youth on Rise

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According to the latest data presented by the Danish State Institute of Public Health (SIPH), almost 46% upper-secondary students in the country use cigarettes either on the daily basis or from time to time. Data shows that over past two

Smoking on Decline Worldwide

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Due to anti-smoking campaigns, in many countries smoking rates are declining. The World Health Organization (WHO) presented a report on global tobacco use. Health experts examined the report and say that the global smoking epidemic had been reversed, mainly in

New York Reports Record Low Smoking Rate

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Governor Andrew Cuomo told at the beginning of the week that smoking rates in New York among young people and adults show a record decline. In the past four years, smoking rate among students in high school was reduced by

Smoking Rates Increased in Some US States

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Latest study by US government reveals that smoking rates in half of American states continue to lower. However, some states show an increase in smoking rates. Most of all researchers are worried that smokers combine different kinds of tobacco, for

Teen Smoking Declining in the USA

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Use of tobacco among teens and kids in Southwest Colorado is highest in the USA when compared to other states. Generally smoking among youth in the USA is declining since 2002 and health experts are happy with this. Data presented

High Smoking Rates Among Hotel Workers

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A new research made by British Heart Foundation Scotland reveals that in Scotland over a third of people working in hotel and food industries were smokers. For the third time technology and science industries show the lowest smoking rates —

Cigarette Smoking Rate Drops to New Low in Minnesota

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Last years, a number of organizations were informing American people about negative effects of using cigarettes. Recently the Minnesota Department of Health released data which confirms that smoking is falling out of favor. The latest research demonstrates that tobacco use

2.5 Million Adult People Smoke in Kenya

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Latest research demonstrates that there are 2.5 million adult smokers in Kenya, Africa. In a survey conducted by the Global Adults Tobacco, 11.6% told they use tobacco. The results of the research were released by the Ministry of Health in

Smoking Rates in the USA Dropped to 17%

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed data which shows that smoking rates among adult people in the USA reduced from 20.9% in 2005 to 17.8% in 2013. The CDC’s Nation Health Interview Survey (NHIS) in 1965 started to record

France Adopts Stricker Anti-Tobacco Laws

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France, where not only famous worldwide Gauloises cigarettes brand was created but the word ”cigarettes” itself, now wants to introduce strictest anti-smoking laws in the world. Brand names along with bright colors on cigarette packs will be replaced by large