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Smoking Rates Still High in China

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Recently the WHO released a report which showed that smoking rates in China are still high. The organization insists that China should implement more anti-smoking measures in order to reduce smoking rates in the country. For example, China need to

Kids Secondhand Smoke Exposure

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Some kids who were born in the mid of 20th century remember  riding in the car while mother and father smoked cigarettes or running behind DDT trucks, or even playing with thermometer. Though it seemed to be funny and safe,

Kentucky Among States With High Smoking Rates

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Jane started smoking at 16 years as she looked for a way to relax and get rid of depression. Certainly she knew about effects of smoking on health such as heart disease ans cancer, but her parents smoked and it

Maori girls’ smoking rates highest

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In accordance with the recent figures, Maori teenage girls have the highest every day smoking rates of any ethnicity. A 2011 Action on Smoking and Health survey of Year 10 teenagers demonstrated 18.1 % of Maori teenagers smoked daily. 5229

Smoking rates for California’s adults hit historic low while local rates remain high

A new state report shows that the rate of smoking among California’s adults has hit an all-time low, while Lake County’s adult smoking rate is nearly twice the state average, which the county health officer called a “glaring problem.” California