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In Alberta Many Retailers Sell Tobacco to Minors

Cigarettes in Shop

Health Canada reveals results of a latest study which showed that retailers in Alberta city do sell tobacco products to underage more often than other cities across the entire Canada. Alberta Health Min­is­ter Sarah Hoff­man found that the results are

Russians Smoke in No-Smoking Areas

Russian Smoker

All-Russia Public Opinion Study Center revealed data which demonstrates that in Russia there was not reduced number of smokers since the country introduced strict anti-smoking laws. One third of total population still uses cigarettes on the regular basis — it

Activists in Augusta Push for Tougher Smoking Ordinance

No Smoking

Anti-smoking activists in Augusta, Georgia, are preparing to promote again a tougher smoking ordinance in the city. Last week, on Thursday, members of the BreathEasy Coa­lition presented new advertisment promoting smoke-free air in the city. They provided some recommendations regarding

No More Smoking in Bars in Sulphur City

Smoking in Bar

Smokers in the city of Sulphur, Louisiana, would have soon fewer spaces to light up as city authorities want to ban smoking in casions and bars. Resident Randy Hebert says that smokers do not have right to smoke but instead

Movies Encourage Youth to Start Smoking

Di Caprio Smoking

Activists from Canadian tobacco-control coalition addressed the Ontario Film Review Board a proposal to toughen its ratings for movies that have scenes with smoking. They say that this will help to prevent youth from picking up the smoking habit and

Children of Smokers are More Likely to Start Smoking

Smoking Teenager

According to a new study, kids of regular smokers are more likely to try cheapest cigarettes and to become regular smokers themselves. Scientists found that the more years a kid was exposed to parental smoking, the higher is the risk

Smoking Rates Still High in China

Smoking Woman

Recently the WHO released a report which showed that smoking rates in China are still high. The organization insists that China should implement more anti-smoking measures in order to reduce smoking rates in the country. For example, China need to

Have you Ever Heard About Thirdhand Smoke?


If you and your family members do not smoke it does not mean you are totally protected from tobacco smoke. Have you ever heard about thirdhand smoke? A study demonstrated that thirdhand smoke is hazardous to people who are exposed

In the USA Less People See Smoking as a Major Health Problem


Fifty years ago, in 1964, the U.S. Surgeon General released the report describing in details the effects of tobacco use on health. Since then, in the USA the number of smokers dropped significantly. Knowing about the negative effects of smoking,

Historic Smoking Report Celebrates 50th Anniversary


50 years ago it was an absolutely normal thing to see ashrtays on almost every table. Famous athletes, Hollywood actors and even Fred Flintstone advertised cigarettes in TV commercials. Clouds of smoke hung in the air in most places such