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Teen Girls Who Smoke are at Higher Risk for Heart Disease


A new research by The University of Western Australia found that teen girls who smoke cigarettes or take oral contraceptives are at higher risks for heart disease than teen boys who smoke. The results of the research were published in

Smoking Rates Decline Among Alaska Teenagers


The latest study made in Alaska showed that in state smoking rate among teenagers has dropped significantly in the last 6 years. However, still more work to be done. Generally, smoking rates among teens have dropped by 40%, but Alaska

Teens are Attracted by Novelty Cigarette Packs

cigarette pack

A new research showed that beautiful cigarette packs attract young people to start smoking. It was revealed that young people preferred novelty packaging from famous cigarette manufacturers to plain packs. Besides this, recently same department at the University of Stirling

UT Professors Study Youth Tobacco Use

smoking teens

Tobacco consumption remains today the leading cause of a number of preventable diseases in the USA.  This fact made two professors at University of Texas at Austin College of Education study young people trends in tobacco use and the amount

Study Found Increased Use Menthol Cigarette Among Young People


In the USA there was made a new study on menthol cigarettes use. It found that the use of menthol cigarettes was increased among young adults. The researchers concluded that  efforts to reduce smoking failed because of advertising and sale

Primary Care Can Prevent Kids From Smoking


According to a recent recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), primary care workers can provide effective and simple interventions to help prevent tobacco consumption among teenagers and children, . A ccording to Virginia Moyer, MD, of Baylor

Most Teenagers Who Use Smokeless Tobacco Are Smokers Too


A new research reveles that in the USA most teenagers who use smokeless tobacco products are smoking cigarettes too. These conclusions are not surprising but troubling. Vince Willmore, vice president of communications at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a Washington,

Abused Children Smoke More As Teenagers And Adults


Long ago researchers suspected there exists a connection between children abuse and smoking. A study by University of Washington was made in the field. The main aim of it was not to find the connection between abused children but to