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How FDA Regulates Tobacco Market


The anti-tobacco law approved in 2009 allowed thousands of tobacco products launched on the market from February 2007 to March 2011 to stay on the market waiting for a review by the FDA. Almost 500 tobacco products submitted for review

Tobacco products and US tobacco types

Burning Cigarette

There is a large selection of smoking tobacco products on the global market to select from, such as cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, bidis, chuttas and kreteks. Cigarettes and cigars are made of blended tobaccos and the tobacco type applied in these

Russia to ban smoking in cafes, restaurants and clubs

Smoke Exhaling

Smoking ban in public places, such as bars, restaurants and clubs, will be introduced in Russia starting July 1, 2014. The ban on the cigarettes sale in kiosks will become operational this spring. The State Duma Committee on Health accepted

New year to make new problems for tobacco companies

Cigarette Plie

The provisions of the Ministry of Health’s new legislation were first released to the Russian press in August 2011. The disclosure of the coming ban triggered a stir in Russia, separating society into supporters and opponents of the law. The

Flavored tobacco leaf wraps unveiled

Lone Star Wraps

Vendors of Fosters tobacco products and Karma rolling papers, Fosters Distributors state that their current introduction is the ‘next big thing’ in smoking accessories. January heralds the release of Lone Star Wraps; these represent flavored tobacco leaf wraps, which are

Alberta health advocates to ban flavored tobacco products

Flavored tobacco products

The “sugar-coating” of tobacco products to make them more appealing to youngsters is inappropriate, as outlined by health organizations in the province, who say they’re optimistic the Alberta government will implement legislation in the spring that prohibits the sale of

Russian anti-tobacco bill may be approved by State Duma in 2013

Smoking Ban

The anti-tobacco bill may be implemented in the first reading by the State Duma after the New Year as instead of in December, Vice Speaker Igor Lebedev told on November 28. The Duma made the decision to carefully examine the

Indonesia’s Child Smokers on the Rise

Smoking Indonesian

In the latest movie shown on Britain’s Channel 4, Health Minister of indonesia Nafsiah Mboi accepts the fact that it’s complicated to quit the smoking pandemic. A study published in September this year, backed by World Health Organization and US

Imperial challenge to Scottish Parliament act over tobacco displays


The UK Supreme Court will this week be the forum for another effort to challenge the lawfulness of an act of the Scottish Parliament. It would seem that the score is presently Holyrood 2, Challengers 0. Four days have been

Tougher measures force Ukrainians to quit smoking

No Smoking

More and more Ukrainians are quitting smoking as the new law toughens bans on tobacco advertising, smoking in public places and implements graphic warnings on cigarette packs. Starting with December 16, smoking in indoor public places will be unlawful as