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Missouri to introduce 429 percent increase on cigarette taxes

Cigarette Smoking

A lot of school districts in Missouri are calling for more taxes. Nixa School District Superintendent Stephen Kleinsmith said that it will be good for children’s health. The question is about Proposition B – the Missouri ballot initiative. If it

Plain packaging valid because brand names not acquired by government

Lighted Up Cigarette

Australia’s regulation demanding that cigarettes be marketed in ‘plain packaging’ is constitutionally valid since it does not obtain property, the High Court has defined. As outlined by an Australian Associated Press story, the court on October 5 released its motives

Real Smoking Ban in Cuba

Cuban Cigars

Cuba is awaiting a real ban on smoking. This year August, Australia enacted a strict legislation against tobacco products. Now cigarette makers companies do not have the right to place logos or designs of their brands on cigarette packs. All

Philip Morris International

Philip Morris Inc

Philip Morris International is a worldwide known cigarette producer. The tobacco company has one of the greatest shares of tobacco manufacturing in the world. Philip Morris, the founder of the tobacco company, formed his company in 1847. The first tobacco

Cigarette price discount ban in the works

Few Cigarettes

Malaysia is intending to accept a new rule that will ban price discounts on tobacco products, namely on cigarettes, in order to reduce smoking rates, Philip Morris (Malaysia) corporate affairs director Richard James reported. Today cigarette makers are permitted to

Styles of Smoking

Smoking Types

There are several styles of tobacco smoking. We present you the most widespread and popular styles. Cigarette Smoking Tobacco and tobacco products such as cigarettes,cigarillos, cigars, pipes and smokeless tobacco are sold all around the world. Cigarette smoking is still

Smoking rates still too high

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The rates of smoking in rural areas in Australia are still “extremely high”, but the Rural Doctors Association of Australia supposes that new plain packaging legislation were “more than just smoke and mirrors”. Last t week a Commonwealth won the

New tobacco graphic health warnings

Tobacco Cigarettes

Grisly images and graphic health warnings on cigarette packaging have been brought up to date and extended according to the new Competition and Consumer (Tobacco) Information Standard 2011 which commenced on 1 January 2012. The Competition and Consumer (Tobacco) Information

Australia says no plan for total smoking ban

Plain Cig Pack

On August 12 Australia said that it does not intend to ban tobacco after a major court ruling permitting tobacco products to be sold in plain packaging, representing the health fight against tobacco as “one step at a time.” As

Tobacco law brings changes

Tobacco Display

As from July 23 the price of cigarettes is increased in some shops as a new law prohibiting the display of tobacco goes into effect. The Pannell Discounter in Wainoni is raising the cost of a cigarette packet by about