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Most of Cruise Passengers Want Smoking Ban on Liner Balconies

Cruise Liner

A new research in the UK found that a great number of British travellers who go in cruises on a regular basis do support a ban on passengers being able to smoke on their balconies in cabin. During a survey

Tobacco smoke dulls child brains

Exposure to even low levels of tobacco smoke in the home was linked to lower test results for reading and maths. The greater the exposure, the worse the decline was, the US Children’s Environmental Health Center team found among nearly

Gutka ban: SC order awaited

According to the rules notified by FSSAI, no food products should contain any substance that may be injurious to health. It further says tobacco and nicotine shall not be used as ingredients in any food products. “Gutka is an adulterated

Smokers told to butt out after Queen Street Mall ban starts

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said by 5pm 1037 people were approached by council officers about smoking in the mall. All complied with requests to put the cigarette out or move elsewhere, so no one was fined. Under the ban, which

Teen girls who smoke ‘are at greater obesity risk’

Teenage girls who smoke are more likely to become obese as adults, says a new study. Finnish researchers suggest that teenage girls who smoke 10 cigarettes per day or more are at greatest risk, particularly for abdominal obesity. Their waist

Western School District looking to stamp out smokeless ‘e-cigarettes’

Puffing on a cigarette on school grounds is against the rules now at Western School District, but taking a drag from the smokeless kind also could be stamped out soon. The Western School Board on Tuesday had a first reading

Secondhand smoke linked to ADHD, learning and behavioral disorders in kids

The latest study shows that secondhand (passive) smoke can contribute to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other learning disabilities in children. The study from the Harvard School of Public Health, shows kids exposed to smoking were 50 percent more

Aboriginal Teen Smoking Prevalence “High”

According to the researches, smoking among aboriginal teenagers is twice as common as among teenagers in the rest of population. Aboriginal population in Canada smoke cigarettes, use alcohol and drugs significantly more than non-aboriginal teenagers. Therefore, in accordance the study

Smoking Ban on Penang Hill

The Consumers Association of Penang were glad to find out that the state government wants to turn Penang Hill into a nonsmoking area and that Hill will work with the Health Ministry to enact this law. The only matter is

Cigarettes destroy genes

As everybody knows, tobacco and nicotine affect everyone in different ways. Someone can smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and at the same time if it is necessary to quit quietly, but someone, on the contrary, becomes a heavy