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Cigarette smoke is the main cause of asthma attacks in children

Number of children with asthma has increased threefold over the past few decades. The impact of cigarette smoke remains the main cause of asthma attacks in children. Doctors from “Mott Children’s Hospital” (USA) found that cigarette smoke causes attacks of

International Day of Smoking Cessation

Russian experts believe that their country can be free from tobacco smoke. According to the State Duma Committee on Health, today Russia takes first place in the world of tobacco use – 40 percent of the population smoke, and this

Shisha as Dangerous as Cigarettes

It may be a cool pastime for many young people, but the shisha that burns sweet scented tobacco is as dangerous for your health as smoking cigarettes. People who regularly smoke hookah (shisha) can suffer from harmful levels of carbon

Smoking in Public Places Banned in Syria

Smoking ban in all public places arrived in Syria too, the first Arab region which decided to enforce a ban on smoking in public places, such as cafes and restaurants. This new legislation plans to prohibit smoking in educational establishments,