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Russian smokers to face hard times

Smoking Cigarette

The struggle against smoking in Russia is entering a new level. The Russian government is expected to consider the bill that restricts the consumption of tobacco in public places, the Rossiiskaya Gazeta wrote. The document stipulates the banning of smoking

Do Films With Smoking Scenes Need Adult Ratings?

Even though the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control advise the adult ratings should be applied to films which contain smoking scenes, very few governments have complied with this recommendation. Arguing that exposure to tobacco imagery in movies

Western School District looking to stamp out smokeless ‘e-cigarettes’

Puffing on a cigarette on school grounds is against the rules now at Western School District, but taking a drag from the smokeless kind also could be stamped out soon. The Western School Board on Tuesday had a first reading

‘Never too late’ for pregnant women to quit smoking say Southampton specialists

FERTILITY experts in Southampton have proved for the first time that it is never too late for mums-to-be to kick the habit and boost the health of their baby. Even if a woman doesn’t give up smoking until the pregnancy

No beach smoking

The Spout Off item on June 5 regarding smoking on the beach was right on. I lived in Destin for 10 years and went to the beach often. Like the Spouter, I saw people many times using the beach as

China bans smoking in public places

Sunday, China begins a ban on smoking in indoor public places. People consider that this ban will influence on the tobacco-addicted country. China has approximately 300 million smokers, roughly equal to the whole population of the United States. The nationwide