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Indiana Reported Decline in Tobacco Use

Smoking Teenage Girl

Data shows that annually millions of people try to quit smoking, and at the same time  millions of teenagers try their first cigarette. One common feature joins both these groups — they choose e-cigarettes to smoke considering them safer alternative

Less Students Smoking in North Carolina

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Health officials in North Carolina revealed that in 2013 smoking rates among public high school and middle school students was significantly reduced. However, they are worried that more students do experiment with other tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, hookah, pipe,

China is Largest Cigarettes Consumer in the World

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Euromonitor International, the Global market research company, released this week its latest report on the tobacco industry worldwide. Tobacco industry is world’s most valuable rapidly moving consumer goods industry. Totalling globally US$800 billion the tobacco industry faced in 2013 volume

Smoking Rates Still High in China

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Recently the WHO released a report which showed that smoking rates in China are still high. The organization insists that China should implement more anti-smoking measures in order to reduce smoking rates in the country. For example, China need to

Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living

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The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living program, supported by  Louisiana Public Health Institute and Louisiana Cancer Research Center, recently launched in Louisiana its new media campaign called “On the Move.” The campaign will use advertising on the radio, internet and

Alberta To Ban Menthol Cigarettes


In spite of anti-smoking policy that these days is into effect in Alberta that was introduced to protect young people from negative effects of smoking, tobacco use  is still the leading cause of preventable diseases in Canada.  Thousands of people

China Fails To Reduce Smoking

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Latest report on tobacco and smoking control showed that China did nor achieve significant results in curbing smoking and protecting people from secondhand smoke. The report is entitled Tobacco Control in China from A Civil Society Perspective 2013 and it

Primary Care Can Prevent Kids From Smoking


According to a recent recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), primary care workers can provide effective and simple interventions to help prevent tobacco consumption among teenagers and children, . A ccording to Virginia Moyer, MD, of Baylor

Abused Children Smoke More As Teenagers And Adults


Long ago researchers suspected there exists a connection between children abuse and smoking. A study by University of Washington was made in the field. The main aim of it was not to find the connection between abused children but to

New Research Shows Effects of Smoking on Employee Wages


New research reveals that former smokers earn higher earnings than smokers and non-smokers. The results of the research was published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. It was conducted by research economists M. Melinda Pitts and Julie L. Hotchkiss