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In Tanzania Begins Tobacco Buying Season


In Tanzania, in Morogoro Region tobacco companies are expecting big sales of 1.04 million kilogrammes for Dark Fire Cured tobacco (DFC) and 29.93 million kilogrammes for Flue Cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco. Alliance One Tobacco Tanzania Limited (AOTTL) says the buying

How FDA Regulates Tobacco Market


The anti-tobacco law approved in 2009 allowed thousands of tobacco products launched on the market from February 2007 to March 2011 to stay on the market waiting for a review by the FDA. Almost 500 tobacco products submitted for review

Tobacco to be priced in Kwacha

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This year tobacco will be priced in the Zambian Kwacha rather than the United States dollars Authorities have told that prices for the tobacco in this year’s marketing season should be offered in the Zambian Kwacha. Tobacco Board of Zambia

Health groups breathe easy after tobacco ban

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Tobacco investment by the authorities and public sector will be prohibited in NSW, in a step welcomed by health groups. The withdrawal of up to $224 million could be the single biggest strike to tobacco investment ever seen in Australia.

Thailand: Tax tobacco, not just cigarettes

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Thailand should slowly raise excise tax on tobacco as element of efforts to decrease the number of smoking people, due to the fact that taxes on cigarettes are not efficient, in accordance with Prakit Vathesatogkit, a popular tobacco control advocate.

Bulgaria’s restaurants invest in keeping smokers outdoors warm in winter

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The tough smoking ban in enclosed public places that became operational in Bulgaria in June 2012 is creating a new view as winter gradually encloses its chilly grip – smokers, bundled up warm clothing, still smoking outdoors being at restaurants

FIVE-and-a-half billion cigarettes are smoked in Ireland

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The cigarette consumption in Ireland declined by 700m in a year because of a reduction in smoking habits, especially among younger people. According to the Freedom of Information Act, Ireland loses €6.69 for each cigarette packet of 20 bought there

Growers reject tobacco price, demand subsidy

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Pakistan Tobacco Board has decided to fix the price of tobacco at Rs117 per kilogram, but the growers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have denied this decision. The growers required the government to establish the price of tobacco at Rs183.4 per kilogram

Cigarette giant’s plans to grow tobacco in new areas

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Last week PMFTC (Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation) President Chris Nelson said that they they continue invest money in growing tobacco in Cagayan de Oro, Mindoro and Bohol and they hope to finalize them this year. The good enough weather

Tobacco crop: fixing minimum prices

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However, the federal government has discontinued fixation/notification of minimum prices for tobacco for the last some years. But the Pakistan Tobacco Board has continued fixation of minimum indicative prices for various types of tobacco in the country. Besides fixation of