Teens are Attracted by Novelty Cigarette Packs

cigarette pack

A new research showed that beautiful cigarette packs attract young people to start smoking. It was revealed that young people preferred novelty packaging from famous cigarette manufacturers to plain packs. Besides this, recently same department at the University of Stirling discovered that  graphic warnings on the cigarette packs had little impact on teenage smokers.

That study reveals that the ability of teenagers to evoke pictures of rotten teeth, diseased lungs and neck cancer was below 10 percent. Three written warnings on packs with no supporting pictures were evoked by less than 1% of more than 1,000 teens.

The new research is published in the journal BMJ Open. There were analyzed the reactions of 1,025 UK teenagers from 11 to 16 who had never smoked cigarettes. They had to choose one among three types of cigarettes packs: regular, novelty and plain.

Novelty cigarette packs included packages having an unusual colours, shape or system of opening. Regular packages were brown with all branding removed apart from a brand name.  Researchers discovered that teens preferred the colourful and novelty packs from largest tobacco manufacturers.  Teens who liked beautiful novelty packages were the same teens who said they were more tempted to smoke . Plain packaging reduced the appeal of smoking to the youth.

In July current year, the Government of the UK was criticized by tobacco industry after it put plans to introduce plain cigarette packaging into action.  A decision has been delayed so more time could be spent examining how similar plans were working in Australia. Ministers had also been keen to go ahead with plain packaging after the Department of Health had a consultation in 2012.

Cancer Research UK said that the delay meant the tobacco industry is getting the benefits of beautiful packs that help to recruit new smokers.  In the UK 570 children under 16  start smoking every day.

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