FDA Preoccupied With Menthol Cigarettes

menthol cigarettes

This week the FDA presented a report about the effects of menthol cigarettes and it says that menthol cigarettes do present a greater public health risk than other cigarettes. However, the FDA makes no statements about what to do with them — to restrict their usage or to ban. The agency is waiting for participation in the dialog about possible restrictions from the tobacco industry,  health community, and others.

The FDA report assumed that there is little evidence that menthol cigarettes are more or less toxic that regular cigarettes or present more disease risk to smokers. The report suggests that menthol taste attracts youth and also that smokers who choose cigarettes with menthol have a harder time quitting. With all that, report data says that cooling properties of menthol can lower the harshness of cigarette smoke.

The FDA representatives consider menthol cigarettes produce a number of public health questions, Today no one talks about menthol cigarettes restrictions but that there exist some important questions that need to be answered. Thus the FDA will continue its research on the field.

In 2011 the agency made several researches and concluded that menthol cigarettes ban would benefit public health. The data it obtained showed that main users of menthol cigarettes are African-American minorities, teenagers and poor people.

At the same time, a tobacco industry report to the FDA admitted that cigarettes are harmful for health but claimed that  there is no scientific reason for regulating menthol cigarettes in a different way The tobacco industry concluded that restrictions on menthol would result in appearing of illegal market for the cigarettes.

Today market of menthol cigarettes is growing, Accorging to a research made by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the percentage of USA cigarette smokers using menthols grew from 33.9% in 2008 to 37.5% in 2011.

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