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Starting The Patriarch Rising I thought I was going to get a standard historical thriller. What the noel wanted to be was a...

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Details of The Patriarch Rising

Exact title of the book
The Patriarch Rising
Book author
Aaron Malavolti
Book edition
Number of pages
322 pages
November 27th 2018 by Aaron Malavolti
File size (in PDF)
1288 kB
The Patriarch Rising

Some brief overview of book

Starting The Patriarch Rising I thought I was going to get a standard historical thriller. What the noel wanted to be was a paper with genetic, historic, and biblical evidence. However, Patriarch was truly neither of these.

Had it been either all the way through I would have been fairly satisfied, but Patriarch Rising struggled to balance its identities. By the end it felt as though this book was mere groundwork for novels to come. I couldn’t say for sure what the characters had learned or done outside of confirming a theory.

The explanation of that theory completely overtook the novel, leaving no room for satisfying growth of characters or development of action. The plot begins with the kidnapping of Professor Sisti, establishing that the goal of the characters will be to rescue the professor and learn who’d taken him. This is the novel’s ultimate conclusion, however it is not the focus of the story.

Neither of the main characters are actively involved in searching, and while some of Michael’s discoveries contribute to finding Sisti, we don’t see the action. In fact I could count the number of action scenes on one hand. I often felt a lurch as the novel switched from lecture to storytelling.

Most of the book was one sided dialogue between Michael and Viviana. The rest was a head hopping attempt to explain the workings of an Illuminati style secret society. Consequently, I found myself more intrigued by the novel’s villains than its main characters.

The villains did things, had personalities, and had their backgrounds revealed in tantalizing pieces rather than all at once. Character development came in fits and starts, if at all. Michael and Viviana bonded in a way that I didn’t find believable.

The two also shared a “bit” that consistently didn’t land: Michael would begin a tangent, Viviana would get annoyed and ask him to get to the point, he would defend himself and insist he was getting there, and then he would never get there. This repeated for entire chapters, and each time Viviana spoke up I was reminded that whatever Michael was explaining felt like it was going nowhere. On the positive side the amount of information included gave the novel an authoritative voice, and lent itself to strong imagery when description was used instead of history.

Michael’s theory was original, interesting, and eye-opening. While I could guess the general shape of things thanks to the conventions of thrillers, I couldn’t guess the specifics and I was genuinely curious to find out what would come next. When we were given a view into the “other” side I felt engaged and even laughed a few times.

After suspending my desire for a proper novel I was able to give in to the story as it was. While I can’t say The Patriarch Rising left me satisfied, I can say I feel more informed and curious. It’s the kind of book that will send me down my own research rabbit holes.