The Peace to offer ultimate aroma

Japan Tobacco Inc. will next month launch The Peace, a cigarette that the company is describing as ‘the masterpiece in the history of the Peace brand’.

The Peace Cigarettes

The Peace brand of cigarettes

The Peace will sell at ¥1,000 for a pack of 20 against ¥440 for 20 in the case of Peace.

It will be available from early February across Japan but only through a limited number – about 3,500 – of retailers.

Peace, which was launched in 1946 in packs of 10, is said to have become immensely popular with consumers because of its aroma.

And now, The Peace is going to offer the ultimate experience in aroma.

The Peace was developed out of a desire to give consumers a more luxurious and relaxing smoking experience, JT said in a note posted on its website.

It is said to be a product for which nothing was spared to make it the best: ‘from the selection of ingredients to the blending, processing, flavors, and even the packaging’.

The Peace, which uses only flue-cured tobacco, is the first product in Japan to use a process called ‘new trimming’ whereby unpleasant aroma and taste are eliminated by flash heating the fine cut tobacco.

The new product is sold in metallic navy blue flat tins.

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