Things to Do and Not to Do During Your Quitting Smoking Period

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Do not drink alcohol during smoking cessation period

Do not drink alcohol during smoking cessation period

I am an occasional drinker and one of the reasons I have continuously failed quitting smoking before is because of alcohol. It was when I studied for the CPA exams that I was able to quit successfully obviously because I abstained from drinking. So if you are in your quitting period, please try to avoid drinking unless you are certain you could control yourself from smoking. Again it will all depend on you; prevention is better than cure. As my father used to say, alcohol and parties will always be there waiting for you.

Based on my experience, I tried drinking 5 days after extinguishing my final cigarette; the urge came but I was able to control it. I easily did that by internalizing and visualizing myself feeling dizzy and awful. And since then I was happy drinking every occasion as a non-smoker.

Don’t Mingle with Smokers

I didn’t say to “totally and permanently avoid” the company of smokers, you just do this temporarily during your quitting period. You have to avoid temptation at all cost. You have to control your addicted mind or else it will control you.

Don’t Be Curious

Once you have quit smoking for a week; you will soon despise the smell of cigarettes. You will try to avoid smokers because the smell of a burning tobacco will really sting your nose. It is quite normal to be curious and see what happens when you light a cigarette, but please don’t ever do this. Don’t let curiosity get over you.

If you really want to know what it feels? You will feel dizzy, you will feel miserable and guilty. It will taste bad and you will stink. On the other hand, nicotine will work quickly in your mind to make you an addict once again. Don’t forget that you became a nicotine addict with one stick of cigarette and if you will light one after quitting, I tell you it is simply suicide.

Avoid Temptations – Don’t Watch Movies or Shows That Will Tempt You to Smoke

Correct me if I’m wrong but once you see your favorite protagonist chasing the bad guys away together with a cute chick and see him smoking; this scenario will definitely send you in a frenzy mood to light a cigarette. So try to avoid them during your quitting period. Marketing strategies of tobacco companies is everywhere around you.

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