Tobacco ‘black market’ warning over plain packaging

British American Tobacco Building

British American Tobacco, New Zealand’s biggest tobacco supplier, declares that cigarette plain packaging could exploit a cigarette trade in a black market.

New Zealand’s tobacco giant has started a multi-media program that was directed against the plan of the Government to implement plain packaging.

Nick Booth, British American Tobacco spokesman, said the measure could potentially lead to the negative consequences to the Government as it intends to discourage people from smoking because of the health dangers related to smoking.

“We suppose that it could remove intellectual property rights,” said Nick Booth.

He added that plain packaging move can harm New Zealand’s international trading name and create an anxious precedent for other industries that at the same time potentially aggravate a black market.”

The tobacco companies are as well endangering to reduce cigarette prices to appeal smoking people if plain packaging measure is implemented.

Price could potentially be a main reason of consumer purchases if the allurement of cigarette brand labels and packaging is removed.

Booth said that the plain packaging effects can be against the Government’s goals.

Actually tobacco consumption can be more widespread and it will be only by making tobacco more affordable and accessible.

Booth said that currently British American Tobacco New Zealand was discussing with the Government on the proposed measure and preparing a submission.

It is as well looking at its legal options.

The tobacco giant said that it will expend a good many of money on a print, mass media campaigns to know its message is heard.

Action on Smoking and Health, that is Anti-smoking group, said that British American Tobacco New Zealand was not dealing with other businesses and New Zealand exports.

ASH director Ben Youdan said that the point is that the cigarette companies worry about their shareholders as they know that branding removing will deprive tobacco firms of ability to sell their tobacco products.

Tasmania considers cigarette ban

The Australian state of Tasmania intends to ban the sale of cigarettes.

The Tasmania’s Parliament is insisting on a new legislation to stop anyone who is less than 12 years from buying tobacco.

Current smokers would still be enabled to buy cigarettes in the sequel.

Smoking rate in Tasmania is the highest.

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