Tobacco Coalition Moves Ahead with Quitting Smoking

Quit Smoking

Delaware County has most severe tobacco-free policy in the state, but representatives of the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Delaware County are not ready to lie on their oars as they have a lot of work to do.

Jacey Foley, the new coordinator for the coalition, said their main aim is to inform people about benefits of refusing from smoking cigarettes. Also they help people to quit. Jacey Foley considers the more people smoke the more of them want to quit and it is great that coalition may help them to do it.

The Indiana State Department of Health says more than a quarter of Hoosier adults and almost 20% of high school students smoke. It is more than the national average.
It is hard to define the number of smokers in Delaware County who are trying to quit. According to estimations made by Indiana Tobacco Prevention Coalition, it is 50% of smokers who tried to quit last year,

There was created a phone line (1-800-QUIT-NOW) which provides support for people who want to quit smoking. Besides offering an individual coach, the QUIT line works with employers to help their employees stop using tobacco. Smoke breaks and health problems usually lead to decrease in employee productivity, thus the business industry is also investing in decreasing the tobacco levels.

The coalition will serve as an intermediator by educating, informing and connecting employees to quitting smoking programs available for free in the county. Together with quitting, members of the coalition plan to speak with leaders from public housing authorities in order to make their apartments, campuses, and houses free of smoking.

Joshua Williams, Delaware County Health Department (DCHD) administrator said that the government is investing money in these properties and it would be good if they will be smoke-free which will help to prevent non-smokers from second-hand smoke. The DCHD is a part of the coalition.  Second-hand smoke exposure can affect negatively human health. Prohibiting smoking in public housing can reduce heath problems in people who suffer from breathing issues.

Today Foley is interested in expanding the coalition to include business partners. At present, 24 representatives from wellness and health care fields make a part of the coalition, but having business owners would provide a new perspective for the coalition. It would greatly help to fight their smoking habit and besides this, prevent young people from smoking.

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