Tobacco-Free Parks in Maui County, Hawaii

Smoking People

Last week on a regular meeting of the Maui County Council,  Councilman Don Guzman told about the necessity to introduce Tobacco-Free Zones at all Maui County Parks.

According to The Surfrider Foundation of Maui, there were gathered  more than 1,000 petition signatures and 100 pledge cards in support of the smoke-free legislation.

In January 12, current year, the Maui District School Council Organization initiated beach cleanup on the island, during which volunteers collected more than 14,000 cigarette butts in just two hours. The cleanup was supported by the Surfrider Foundation Maui Chapter, Mālama Maui Nui, the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaiʻi and Sustainable Coastlines.

Then on February 15, current year, during the cleanup organized by Surfrider Foundation at Kahului Harbor there were collected additional 3,100 butts. Those who do support the law say that the butts are toxic for the environment and filters in modern cigarettes are made of plastic which is not biodegrade.

Oʻahu already adopted such a tobacco-free law and it came into effect from January 1, 2014. Also Hawaiʻi County implemented a law for tobacco-free beaches and parks in 2008.

At the state level, South Maui lawmaker Kaniela Ing adopted a bill that prohibits smoking on all public beaches in Hawaiʻi. At the beginning of February the Ocean Marine Resources, Water and Land Committee and Hawaiian Affairs Committee took the decision to delay a little the adoption of the smoke-free law.

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