Leaf tobacco prices to rise sharply in China

The government of China’s Hunan Province is to increase its leaf tobacco purchase prices by an average of 20 per cent this year, in line with a decision by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration covering tobacco growing throughout China.

Tobacco Leaf

Tobacco warehouse

Last year, the purchase price was said to be about US$2.78 per kg, which was up by more than 19 per cent on that of the previous year.

Also in line with an STMA decision, Hunan will increase subsidies for local tobacco growers, according to a story by Tobacco China Online.

Last year, Hunan increased its flue-cured tobacco production by about 19 per cent to 179,620 tons on an area increased by about 29 per cent to 86,180 ha.

Air-cured and sun-cured production, meanwhile, was up by about 10 per cent to 3,275 tons.

Hunan is China’s fourth-biggest producer of leaf tobacco.

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