Tobacco products and US tobacco types

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There is a large selection of smoking tobacco products on the global market to select from, such as cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, bidis, chuttas and kreteks. Cigarettes and cigars are made of blended tobaccos and the tobacco type applied in these products has a major impact on the physicochemical aspect of the smoke they produce. The chemicals in the tobacco leaf are identified by plant genetics, cultivation methods, weather conditions and curing methods.

The classification of the tobacco leaf generally employed in cigarettes is mainly influenced by curing methods and types of tobacco. For instance, a standard system of classification by the US Department of Agriculture presents six key classes of US tobacco. Each class includes two or more various types. Individual types of flue-cured tobacco cannot be easily recognized, and the type name commonly relates only to a marketing area. Different states may use different classification names, but the general principle is identical.

Smoking tobacco products

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List of tobacco products

Classification of US tobacco types

Tobacco Types

US tobacco types

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