Tobacco to be priced in Kwacha

Dried Tobacco

This year tobacco will be priced in the Zambian Kwacha rather than the United States dollars

Authorities have told that prices for the tobacco in this year’s marketing season should be offered in the Zambian Kwacha.

Tobacco Board of Zambia board secretary Samson Muyembe proved in an interview on April 10 that the Government had not allowed the purchasing of the tobacco using the United States dollars.

On April 10, tobacco marketing was awaited to be started out and strictly managed by Tobacco Board of Zambia.

Mr Muyembe said TBZ agreed with the decision made by the Government for tobacco prices to be in domestic currency.

“Government has instructed us (TBZ) to be purchasing tobacco using the Zambian Kwacha and as TBZ agreed with the decision,” he said.

Mr Muyembe has since recommended the growers to follow the Government’s conclusion of marketing the tobacco using the Zambian currency.

But some growers have critisized the decision.

Chishala Chilufya said growers would incur losses as the exchange rate for the national currency continued fluctuating.

Mr Chilufya said the decision made by the Government would discourage growers from growing tobacco in the following farming season.

He charged TBZ of not giving enough details to the growers over the modifications that had been made in the tobacco buying exercise.

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