Turkey to Regulate Use of Hookah

Hookah Smoking

The authorities in Turkey want to adopt more severe laws on the use of hookah, which is called “nargile” in the country. According to Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the Health Minister, hookah has the same effects on body as tobacco products do.

He added that smoking bans in Turkey would be related to use of cigarettes and cheapest hookah too. The battle against use of hookah will continue till the absolute victory.

Turkey is going to fight against hookah in the nearest future and smoking bans introduced in the country will be valid for hookah too. For that purpose there will be enacted all necessary regulations.

Mehmet Müezzinoğlu claims that there is a serious need to regulate hookah use because the number of hookah users is alarming. Nargile is popular among people of all ages including youth, but they are not informed enough about the effects of hookah use on their body. Studies showed that hookah smoking for a long period of time may result in a number of health problems. The law is going to ban sale of hookah to young people under 18.

Generally, the smoking ban in Turkey would be extended and use of cigarettes is going to be prohibited in parks, behind children’s playgrounds. Also there are discussed bans in shopping centres, restaurants and hospitals.

There will be introduced fines for those who will violate the law. Businesses allowing smoking despite the anti-smoking legislation will have to pay a fine of 7,612 Turkish Liras. The fine would increase twice if they continued to permit smoking.

Establishments where use of hookah is permitted should be at least 100 meters away from schools, universities and colleges and have open areas to smoke hookah.

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