USA: Light Smoking Popular Among Young Women

Smoking Woman

New study reveals that more young women are light smokers and consider it is safe.

The study was made by the University of Texas at Austin and its results were published in Preventing Chronic Disease. Scientists analyzed data from previous studies and noted that in recent years there was increased number of cases of casual smoking. They got interested in light smokers. For that purpose they took a sample of almost 9,789 females aged from 18 to 25 who participated in the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Those females were asked if they smoked at least one cigarette in the past 30 days. Those who did it, were classified as Current Smokers. Those who didn’t it but were smokers in past, were classified as Former Smokers. Heavy smoking was considered when a smoker used one package of cigarettes on the daily basis.

It was found that heavy smoking was dropped in the USA. 27% of surveyed people (62% Current Smokers) told that they use around five cigarettes a day and called this light smoking.

Besides this, it was revealed that people who normally do not smoke, do light up when they are drunk. This phenomenon was classified by the researchers as Casual smoking. Casual smoking showed an increase in popularity among surveyed.

Many respondents told they know about smoking risks but consider using a cigarette from time to time is not dangerous. Young females from the category of light smokers turned to have similar college education.

Researchers found that most difficult period for young women is when they enter adulthood. At this time they experince anxiety and stress and turn to relieve from it with the help of cigarettes.

In their turn the researchers want to pay an attention to the fact that even very light smoking is not safe, especially for young women who plan to have kids in their future. In order to have healthy kids, women should not smoke.

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