USD to Ban Smoking in 2015


Starting from autumn 2015 smokers will no loner be allowed to light up on campus of  University of San Diego (USD) as new smoke-free policy comes into action from August in the next year.

The existing smoke-free policy corresponds to California law, which prohibits smoking within 20 feet of windows and dorrways of buildings.

The new policy will ban any use of tobacco on all properties of USD. With the new no smoking policy the university joins other smoke-free universities in California such as San Diego State University and  University of California San Diego.

Though new no smoking policy is not already in action, it already raised different reactions from students. However, USD believes that the change will be supported by the majority and the transition will be smooth. The aim of the initiative is to protect students and staff from effects of secondhand smoke, which is shown to affect human body in a negative way.

State of California began to fight with smoking back in 1998 when it adopted Proposition 99, which raised state cigarette tax by 25 cents per cigarettes pack and dedicated those funds to tobacco research and prevention of tobacco use. 20% of those funds have been dedicated to the state Health Education Account, which helps to fund programs such as Smoke-Free San Diego. USD collaborates with Smoke-Free San Diego and they together are going to launch quit smoking program in the next year after new policy comes into effect.

Stephanie Lynch, the assistant director of USD’s Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, believes that more students will welcome the policy than reject it. Now it is very important to inform everyone about it. The information campaign will start in spring 2015.

Student Tommy disagrees with the new initiative as he is a regular smoker and knows how difficult is to quit. He considers that smokers have their rights and now they are going to be broken.

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