Utah gives hookah the hook

Starting in mid-September, Utah bars and clubs cannot allow patrons to smoke most hookah products indoors.

“The purpose of the clarification is to protect people from exposure to second hand smoke. Even minimal amounts of exposure is considered harmful,” said Steve Hadden, a health program specialist in the department’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program.

Utah banned hookah use in bars and clubs

Utah banned hookah use in bars and clubs

Nathan Porter, owner of the Murray-based Huka Bar & Grill and Huka Lounge, sought such an exception from the health department, since his businesses opened in 2005. On Monday, he said he plans to sue the state and the health department, saying the rule is discriminatory against hookah smokers.

He said the rule would put him out of business. While hookah-related sales account for 15 percent to 20 percent of his business — the clubs also sell food and alcohol — he said hookah is what his bar is about.

“You take hookah away from the Huka Bar, now what are we? We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars marketing this business,” he said.

Health officials also fear hookah pipes appeal to young adults, attracted by flavors like apple-cinnamon and chocolate. And the American Lung Association and the World Health Organization have raised concerns about the health effects of water pipe smoking on the smoker, saying it carries similar risks of addiction, cancers and heart disease as cigarette smoking.

Hadden said the health department does not know how many businesses will be affected by the rule change. While there doesn’t appear to be many clubs billed as hookah lounges, some bars offer hookah pipes to patrons.

He said club employees deserve to be protected from exposure to secondhand smoke.

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