Victorville, CA, May Expand Smoking Ban

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Victorville, California, wants to make its parks and parking lots totally free of smoke because city local officials plan to promote healthy lifestyle in the city.

This week the City Council will consider prohibiting use of tobacco and e-cigarettes at all recreation zones, parks, parking lots.

The smoking ban would demand that City Council approves modification of the city municipal code on smoking to include e-cigarettes and also extend current regulations from indoor areas to outdoor areas.

The present version of the code imposes severe smoking restrictions in such places as banks, libraries, polling places, restaurants.  retail stores,  public restrooms,  auditoriums, grocery stores, health facilities.

The extended version of the smoking ban is supported by four local hospitals and the American Cancer Society, wich do write letters to the city in support of the ban.

In his letter St. Joseph Health St. Mary Director of Advocacy and Healthy Communities Kevin Mahany wrote that removing smoking from city parks will help to reduce the effects of secondhand smoke and the rate of smoking related diseases. Moreover, there will be created healthy environment for children where they would safely walk with parents and play.

In March 2014, St. Joseph Health St. Mary became a smoke-free campus.

The smoking ban proposal came from the Victorville Community Services Advisory Committee on May 2014, when the committee was examining similar ordinances in neighboring municipalities. As a result, the committee unanimously voted to recommend that Victorville adopts such an ordinance resulting in smoke-free parks.

However, experts say that inclusion of e-cigarettes in the law may arise debates as council memebers have different opinions on their hazard.

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